Still holding the ground – Thetan Wangyal

Mountain Homestays had its first Apricot trail in August 2016 which took us to village Tsogsty. The village surprised us with it’s lush green apple and apricot farms but our discovery was this 65 year old copper artisan named Thetan Wangyal, one of the last few metal artisans left in Ladakh. Copper metalworking is an...
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The Magic Land Of Ladakh

Anubhuti Varshney, Sept 2016 Jullay people! someone told me last year that no one can go to Ladakh only once and never told me why. I now know why and cannot explain to anyone. There is something inexplicably magnetic about the place. When I landed in Leh, the first feeling was, ohh … these mountains...
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The Copper Trail

-Gagan, October 2016 Our copper trail trek took us to some very unique villages of Ladakh where the artisans still practice the age old copper art of Ladakh. Our trip started from visit to the mesmerizing Pangong Tso lake. We also visited a couple of unique villages. Our trek then took us to our first...
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